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The goal of the Tantric Yoga practice is not to disconnect Yoga benefits from life, but to fully embrace it as divine. Tantra in the West has been Yoga benefits misconstrued to be synonymous with carnality and sexuality, although actually its fundamental principle is that all existence is sacred.

Whereas Hatha Yoga in Patanjali’s time consisted primarily of postures for meditation, the wide spectrum of Hatha Yoga poses that we know today are the products of creative interpretation and experimentation over the last few centuries.28 Teachers and practitioners alike will continue to discover new avenues and methods toward greater freedom, drawing on yoga’s rich history while offering new insights, some based on medicine, science, sports, dance, and the other arts.

Yoga is not an ice palace that has been preserved without response from the living, changing culture in which it is embedded. Yoga has always been an eclectic tradition, morphing as it grows. You are part of this process. The Physiology of Yoga Although yoga is not a science, it can be studied.

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