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Yawning is the most important feature of breathing training, or expressed with the words of Professor Coblenzer/Vienna: Deep yawning and laughing fulfils all the requirements for the goodformation of the breathing and the voice.

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Yawning is a reactive inhaling and exhaling movement, i.e. first there is a long deep inhalation with a subsequent slow exhalation, often in conjunction with vocalisation and stretching and sprawling movements over the whole body.

Yawning has the effect of a natural tension balancer in the body, for low tension as well as for high tension, and leads to a balancing between excess carbon dioxide and lack of oxygen in the blood. Physical and emotional tension and cramps can thereby be released. You should yawn, stretch and sprawl pleasurably as much as possible after waking up, before going to sleep and before meals. Due to the physical/emotional investigations performed by Doust, a medical researcher, the capillary oxygen level that was reduced in patients suffering from emotional tension and depression, became balanced again through laughing, crying, or venting through words.

Individuals with vegetative blocks are hardly able to yawn and due to this they do not have the opportunity to balance tension.

In the presence of likable people one can by contrast yawn very well, and the yawning then mostly has a contagious effect. Or observe how much pleasure a dog or cat derive from yawning.

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