Yoga Breathing Exercise

Panting like an Alsatian:

Pant like an Alsatian on h-h-h-h-h-h, whereby you breathe in and out briefly until you run out of air. Rest until you are breathing regularly again.

Gargling water:

Relax your soft palate by gargling with water.

Rolling R’s:

Roll on r; this also loosens your soft palate.

Yawning on command:

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Yawning on command, like actors need to be able to do in their performances can be learnt. Professor Coblenzer shows how the yawning reflex can be stimulated at any time: First form on O like with sucking a thumb, then pull the upper lip down, now visualise enclosing an air bubble in the mouth, or respectively open on umbrella in the mouth and then lower the lower jaw. The front mouth area expands; the expansion continues in the throat area, it comes to yawning.

You will find further exercises that stimulate yawning in the chapter Relaxing head and neck. Sighing and groaning

With sighing it comes to a thorough, pressure-free exhalation after a mostly fast and energetic inhalation with a short pause in which the breathing is somewhat accumulated and retained. Through this the breathing and circulation are stimulated, the venous return flow of the blood to the heart is promoted. We ofen emit a sigh of relief automatically, sometimes also without noticing it. Depressed people sigh especially frequently without noticing it. Many people however no longer know what a sigh is. With certain diseases it comes to an accumulation of sighs, for example with hypotonia, with vegetative dystonia and with anxiety.

Groaning clears blocks and releases physically as well as emotionally. It dissolves blocks, moves what is accumulated from the inside to the outside by means of the extended exhalation, which always has a relaxing effect. Groaning is good for you. Therefore always groan when you feel like it, even if it sometimes doesn’t seem respectable. It helps you especially with pain or painful treatments that have to be endured, like at the dentist. When you simply allow yourself to groan, then the pain is not as bad as it may have been. You allow it, release it and become more permeable. Many of us need to relearn groaning, as it has been suppressed through conditioning and etiquette.

Sighing and groaning (practice) Groaning like a captive:

Groan like a captive that wants to release himself.

Escalate from whimpering to groaning:

Be patient with yourself. Blocked people can initially only whimper, with increasing release the whimpering slowly increases to a liberating groan. The following exercises should help you to do this:

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