Yoga Breathing Exercises For Asthma

Clattering of teeth:

Chatter with the back and wisdom teeth roughly 20-40 times lightly on each other. This loosens masseter muscles, jaw joints and facial muscles.

Clattering with the lower jaw like a crocodile:

To balance things out, now a more liberating statement: Clatter with your lower jaw loosely in the jaw joint up and down like a crocodile that is looking for prey. To check whether you are tensing yourself too much or are over exerting yourself, every now and then allow your lower jaw to hang down loosely.

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Clattering the lower jaw on ya-ya-ya-ya:

With this movement make additional sounds like ya-ya-ya-ya-yaaa, roughly like it can be heard from market-women.

Clattering the lower jaw and pulling the chin down:

Move the lower jaw again loosely up and down in the jaw joint with ya-ya-ya-ya-ya, then with one hand take your chin and pull it down with an extensive relaxed yaaaaaa.

Moving the lower j aw back and forth:

Move your lower jaw carefully and slowly in the jaw joint towards the left and right with a hu-uu-u-u sound back and forth. Relax and let the effects of the exercise take effect.

Pushing the lower jaw backwards and forwards like a drawer:

Now push your lower jaw backwards and forwards like a drawer that is opening and closing with ue-ue-ue-ue.

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