Yoga Breathing Exercises For Sleep

Yawning (exercise)

Stretch, sprawl and tense yourself as a stimulation to yawn:

Stretch and sprawl yourself, tense your muscles, clench your hands to fists and then release the tension again. Maybe now you can already yawn heartily with a wide open mouth.

Enlarging the mouth/throat cavity:

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Enlarge your mouth and back of the throat as large as possible, as if you want to devour a pumpkin;

hold the tension until you can’t stand it anymore and nearly get a locked jaw. Then allow your upper and lower jaw to gently come together again.

Probing the joints of the jaw:

Feel your jaw joints, at the location where the upper and lower jaw are anchored and loosen the muscles and skin in his area through small circular massage movements of the fingertips. Allow the after effects to arise.

Observing the jaw joints – allow the lower jaw to hang:

The jaw joint is ofen tense and cramped. In a stress situation notice for a moment whether you then leave your jaw joint quite loose, nearly as if it were a little worn out, and the rows of teeth separate from each other by allowing the lower jaw to hang down.

Deliberate tensing of the jaw area:

If you want to inversely experience this feeling of tension in the jaw joint, then intentionally tense the jaw joint, press the teeth together until you quiver due to the tension. Remain like this for a while. What perceptions do you have doing this? Grim, morose, cramped? Then relax again, allow jaw joint, mouth and face muscles to flow apart again.

Pressing on the jaw joints:

With your fingertips press firmly several times on the masseter muscles in the area of the jaw joints.

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