Yoga Breathing For Anxiety

Here two exercises for this:

Becoming familiar with how to snort backwards:

Inhale snoringly or snortingly through the nose and feel the course of the inhalation movement towards the throat.

Releasing the slime with a jerk:

With a closed mouth now try to guide the air with a final jerk into the area of the throat that you just felt, which in the case of a cold releases the slime.

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Nasal Reflex Therapy, fragrance and aroma substances and essential oils

Plant fragrances and aroma substances, essential oils, incense and other substances have a liberating, deepening and sometimes also relaxing effect on your breathing. Whereas today, in the age of chemical medicines, these are no longer so common, physicians and healers in Tibet and numerous other countries are knowledgeable about their wondrous healing powers.

The scent of frankincense, sandalwood, balsam, incense sticks etc. in the church domain and in therapy have a positive alterative effect by influencing the breathing and the emotions, whereas having to inhale unpleasant smells like from car exhausts, carbon monoxide from heavy vehicle traffic in tunnels, and traffic jams in the summer heat in cities suppresses and weakens our spirit.

At certain points of the nasal mucous membrane, in the area of the upper, central or lower nasal conches different types of stimulation con be applied, which then initiate remote effects on certain organs.

The knowledge of these so-called reflex zones of the nose, which are in reflexive contact with the vegetative nerve centres of the body, come into application in nasal reflex therapy.

In his book Nasal Reflex Therapy with Essential Oils (8) the physician Niels Krack reports of important successes with different types of diseases through the massage of these reflex zones with certain essential oils, such as e.g. Japanese or Chinese peppermint oil, eucalyptus, turpentine, camphor, thyme, melissa, rosemary or lemon oil, as well as many others. These oils have an antiseptic, circulation promoting function increasing effect. They are secreted via the lungs or the skin, but most often through the kidneys and colon.

As further measures to improve the quality of the gas exchange and to prevent the nose and paranasal sinuses from drying out, inhalations and sojourns in salinas, at the ocean and in suitable climatic spas are worth mentioning.

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