Yoga Breathing For Kids

Sniffing inhalation:

Sniff like a rabbit through the nose whilst inhaling in two to four small sniffs and then exhale again relaxed through the mouth on haaah.


You can also move around the room like a dog: snuffle objects, sniff in different directions.

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Snuffling clothes:

Snuffle whether your clothes are still fresh enough to wear again. Snuffling with a certain objective leads to the air being directed past the olfactory cells whilst the inhalation is slowed down. Through this the sensory perception, information processing and the corresponding reactions are made more easy. The difference between inhaling with an objection and random inhalation thereby becomes quite clear.

Inhalation with perception of smell and snorting exhalation:

Inhale with the perception of smell and exhale again in three bursts out of the nose. The abdominal wall tenses with every burst – allow it to release again in between.

Snuffling inhalation and snorting exhalation:

Inhale snuffling three times in a row, then exhale once snorting.

This exercise is often experienced as being strenuous. If you are sensitive you can hereby feel the movement of the diaphragm, how it swings downward into the abdominal cavity by 1 -3 cm whilst inhaling, and bends upwards into the chest cavity whilst exhaling.

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