Yoga Breathing For Relaxation

Becoming breathless due to strenuous movement (practice)

Go hiking, do sports, do gymnastics. Get on the move! Every naturally relaxed movement promotes your breathing; also if at home you can occasionally put yourself out of breath through stretching and sprawling. Those that move frequently in the fresh air and in nature are less dependent on this type of breathing training and breathing stimulation.

In the following are some examples of exercises, with which you can get yourself out of breath at home or in the open air:

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Running on the spot:

Run for about 5 minutes on the spot, every now and then lift the knees and allow the heels to touch the floor; sometimes move faster and sometimes slower.

Cross-country running, running through the forest, cross-country skiing and similar activities should be done for at least V2 hour every now and then.


Hop with a clothes line in different variations, on the spot and away from the spot, with and without intermediate skips.

Climbing stairs:

Climb stairs wherever you can.

Shadow boxing:

Box in the air with a real or imaginary partner, skip and jump around just as you like.

Trying to reach the other through a stab on the back with the index finger. (Partner exercise): Try it and see if you can manage to do it. Thereby the stab is only a small touch.

Making yourself small – stretching:

In a prostate position on the back, arms and legs are stretched out, make yourself as small as a little package by lifting a knee with each hand, lift your upper body and bring your nose to the knees in the centre of the body. With an opposite movement stretch yourself again in the back position etc. with continuous alternation.

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