Yoga Breathing For Sleep

From the squatting position to body stretching standing upright:

From the squatting position with folded arms, straighten up to intensive body stretching on the toes and spring back to squatting position.

From the side position stretch up the arm and leg:

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From the right side position lift an arm and leg up until they touch in the centre of the body, and then allow them to sink back to the starting position. Then roll, as long as a log, with stretched arms, in side position towards the left and perform the same exercise on the left in a flowing non-stop movement.

Push the arms between the legs:

In the heel position stretch your arms up to knee position and push your hands between the legs until your shoulders are located on the floor. Allow your buttocks to sink; remain in this position for a while and observe your breathing movement.

Cycling movements in different variations:

Do cycling movements in the back position, whilst seated, in the candle position and on a bicycle, sometimes faster, sometimes at slow motion speed, also with intensive bending and stretching of the foot joints.

You will find further exercises for this in Balancing and relaxation gymnastics (9).

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