Yoga Breathing Poses

Stimulating breathing through stretching and extending (practice)

You can stretch, extend and sprawl in many variations, with or without a partner. Whilst doing this you can take up contact with the objects in your closer or more distant environment; stretch yourself towards them:

Stretching whilst standing, with a tool like a bar, club or without a tool, on the wall bars through hanging and pulling down, in back position with stretching and extending the individual arms and legs as well as all the limbs, or pair wise, through springy and loosening pulling of the individual arms or legs out of the joints, or pair wise, with the help of a partner, in the form of a resistance exercise against the palms or soles of the feet of a partner, against a wall or between door posts.

Yoga Breathing Poses Photo Gallery

Holding the sky with outstretched arms:

Cross your hands at the height of the stomach, stretch your palms rotating towards the outside and slowly move upwards, as if you could support the sky through this. When stretching the body stands on tiptoes.

Jumping like on grandmas sofa:

In the heel position stretch your arms towards the ceiling until your body is stretched straight from the knee joints to the head.

Now jump elastically up and down between kneeling sitting and kneeling upright position like on grandma’s sofa.

Jumping like on grandma’s sofa: (partner exercise):

Partner 1 lies on the back with the legs drawn towards the stomach, whereby the soles of the feet point towards the ceiling with extended heels. Partner 2 sits on the soles of the feet of Partner 1 and springs elastically up and down on the legs of Partner 1 like on grandma ’s sofa as was previously described. For safety they can thereby hold the feet of Partner 1.

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