Yoga Breathing Types

Opening the armpits:

Whilst standing or in a wide seated position on a chair open your armpits on inhaling through light lifting of the arms at the elbow joint, and loosely allowing them to sink down again on exhaling, with the visualisation that during inhaling air flows info the armpits, during exhaling out again.

You can also visualise that not air but light flows in and out of the armpits, like with the windows of a cathedral.

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Getting some air under the wings:

In the visualisation that the air is flowing in and out at the armpits, in the squatting position perform light movements through lifting the arms outwards and sidewards that are hanging down relaxed from the shoulder joints, like a bird, that is getting some air under its wings and is now getting ready to fly. And then allow the arms to sink down again. Take a rest and feel your breathing movement.

Depositing your arms with released joints:

Lying on your back place your arms at the side of your body so that it feels as comfortable as possible for you, so that you feel completely loose in the shoulder joints, in the armpits and in the elbow joints. Now observe your breathing movement in the shoulder joint and armpit area. Can your breathing flow from the torso up into the fingertips?

Breathing up into the tips of the toes -Making the hip joint and groin area permeable (exercise)

Only a beggar breathes with the lungs, a king with the big toe.

Chinese proverb

Allowing the lower legs to swing:

In a light squatting position displace your body weight completely to the left, foot, lift the thigh of your right leg to the horizontal position and allow the lower leg to swing loosely from the knee joint, to loosen knee, foot and toe joints and to make the breathing permeable. Then change over.

All exercises for balancing, falling and swinging as well as to feel the feet and the floor contact also improve the flow of the breathing from the torso to the feet.

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