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But be careful, knowledge is addictive: after a certain Yoga chair amount of exposure, you want more and more. Where an All-Star pose appears Yoga chair in a later chapter on a specific joint, it is identified by an asterisk and an identifying picture stands alongside the name.

We suggest that you refer to the full description of the pose in the All-Star chapter on the cited. You may also want to practice a version of the pose that is different from the one pictured. For instance, Adho Mukha Svanasana is listed in the chapter on shoulders, and you may choose to do the variation with a wall Wall Dog instead of the full pose.

If the variation is sufficiently different from the All-Star, then there will be neither an asterisk nor a small picture, but rather the pose will have a full description with illustrative pictures just like any other pose. If the departure from the All-Star is slight, then you will see the asterisk, the small picture, and an instruction describing the change. Other poses also have variations.

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