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But to become a practitioner, one must practice. In Yoga classes near me the next chapter we offer you some guidance based on our experience that will make yoga safer Yoga classes near me , maximally effective, and more fun. Prelude to the Poses Integrative Medicine Historically, yoga coexisted with Ayurvedic medicine, nutritional remedies, astrologers, snake charmers, shamans, and various religious means to cure illness.

Today we have a similar array of sciences and healing modalities that can be used concurrently. It does a patient no good to ignore, either from choice or from ignorance, other means of healing. At times, using two methods concurrently is much better than either attempted alone. We must resist Classical Yoga’s tendency toward independence and purity for the good of the person with arthritis. Later, some practitioners will be able to proceed with yoga alone, and leave behind the scaffolding that helped them to that fortunate point.

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