Yoga Deep Breathing Exercises


Whilst standing lift your shoulders as far as possible towards the head, tense them and allowed them to sink down again in slow motion, whilst the neck area pulls itself out upwards like a tripod. What happens with the breathing?

Shoulder blade pressure and releasing:

Whilst lying on your back press your shoulder blades on the floor in such a way that they can come into close contact with the mat, hold this tension for a while without holding your breath, and then release your shoulder blades again.

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Pushing your shoulder blades together:

Whilst lying on your back slowly push your shoulder blades together, remain like this for a while and then let go again. Whilst doing this breathe evenly.

Breadpaddle (partner exercise):

Partner 1, sitting at the side of Partner 2, places their right hand like a bread paddle under the left shoulder blade of Partner 2. Partner 2 allows their shoulder blade to trustingly sink down into the hand of Partner 1. Partner 2 now embraces the edge of the shoulder blade with their fingertips whilst Partner 1 exhales, and carefully pulls a shoulder blade outwards towards the side, remains in this stretched position for a while and then allows the shoulder blade to return to its original position by itself, when Partner 1 inhales.

Lifting the shoulders and allowing them to sink down:

Whilst lying on your back lift your shoulders upwards towards the sternum and allow them to sink down again in slow motion. Continue to allow them to sink down after the shoulders have already reached the mat. Give the load that you are carrying on your shoulders trustingly to the floor is. Now allow your breathing to happen and observe whether it is changing.

Lifing the shoulders and allowing them to sink back down (partner exercise):

Partner 1 lies on the back, Partner 2 tunes in observant to the breathing rhythm of Partner 1, lifts with both hands embracing the shoulder blade the right shoulder of Partner 1, remains in this position for a while and then allows the right shoulder area to very slowly sink back down to the mat. They continue to allow it to sink down after it has already reached the mat. They then relax the left shoulder area in the same way. Partner 1 continues to rest for a little while and observes their breathing. Then change partners.

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