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Interlace your fingers and turn the palms up. Extend strongly Yoga emoji and equally down into the earth and up to the sky. Set the humeri firmly into Yoga emoji the shoulder sockets and the elbows as straight as possible. Breathe easily and fully. This pose provides a full stretch of the shoulders, arms, and hands. STANDING LUNGE WITH WALL Purpose: To learn pelvic and leg alignment and stretch Achilles tendons and plantar fasciae; to extend and flex the hips and knees. Contraindications: Achilles tendonitis or bursitis, torn meniscus, plantar fasciitis or anterior cruciate ligment. Props: A yoga mat and wall.

In the theistic yoga of the Gita it seems that the core and central aim of yoga has changed: the issue of individual release has been replaced with power. The most powerful being of all is Krishna, who is a yogi. He has created a hierarchical power world – the unfolding prakriti -allowing the karma yogis who submit to him to climb the ladder of divine power. Those who follow him will reach him due to his grace.

In the social world he has created a power structure, where it is the king’s dharma to implement the will and power of Krishna. Warriors and society have to obey the divine powers delegated to the king. To oppose the king is to oppose Krishna. When following their dharma – implementing the power of Krishna – the ruling elite and their warriors are actually doing karma-yoga. Doing karma-yoga and buddhi-yoga will also increase their personal supernatural powers, as it will bring them closer to Krishna. In the end it will mean their release. Hence this yoga discourse simultaneously creates and legitimises social power. This also applies to the Brahmins who have the role of guarding and interpreting the cosmic laws governing most aspects of social life. This discourse restores the Brahmins to the power centre of society, as only they know the cosmic duties of the various castes of society.

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