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Look up. 1If you feel steady enough, lift your Yoga erie arms up alongside your head as in Tadasana Urdhva Hastasana. Reach up vigorously! 1Exhale and Yoga erie return to Tadasana, then repeat on the other side. The iliopsoas muscle, a deep hip flexor, often contributes to lumbar stiffness. This pose stretches it. Purpose: To extend the spine and stretch the chest and hamstring muscles. The partial inversion in the full pose also strengthens the arms and thoracic spine. Contraindications: Acromioclavicular dysfunction, rotator cuff tear, thoracic outlet syndrome, spondylolisthesis, severe osteoporosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren’s contracture.
So in the very end, despite all the yogas discussed, any type of yoga not based on the love for Krishna is deemed futile. Behind the face of multitude and tolerance the reader in other words finds monopoly: One god, one path. Krishna towards the end of the Gita demands submission and love and if he gets that, he rewards:

Of all yogins, he who loves Me with faith and whose inner self is absorbed in Me – him I deem to be most yoked.

This theistic yoga flags a significant distinction from most previous discourses on yoga and release. Most of them have been based upon an assumption of release through humans ‘ self-effort. Self-effort was an essential part of the karma discourse: you create – no matter what you do or not do – your own future and eventual release. Now we are told that human efforts alone will not suffice. God’s grace is also required:

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