Yoga Exercise Ardha Padm Asana

Thomas car I am David Earth welcome to fan and yoga general yoga level 2 once you have done the general yoga level 1 and, if you are started feeling that these arsons are getting quite easy for you then you can come to general yoga level 2 wherein we learn a slightly advanced Arsenal from general yoga level 1 there are twists there are forward bending there are backward bending and there are some good traps once you do level 2 you get prepared for level 3 and 4 are the Padm Asana this is an author harassin in which you can do different pranayams different ideas and different arsons like parathas and yoga mudra and many more to go in or the Padma Sun we are sitting with the legs in front now bend one leg and drop the knee down, if it’s the right leg you catch with the right hand the heel.

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And with the left hand you catch the toes you twist the leg let the sole face up and rest the feet on the other leg in such a way that the heel is pointing inside and toes outside now the other leg is just sliding down under the right leg you adjust yourself such that the right knee comes closer to the ground now you can have the hand mudra or Drona mudra and close your eyes and maintain keep the breathing normal just feel the directness of this posture it helps you to improve your back posture makes it an habit of sitting erect, if you see the chest as getting automatically expanded. Because of the back being erect.

So your lung capacity improves. And this arson trains you to go into Padm Asana you can do different meditations in this practice where you are just being aware of the breath coming in going up then you feel like coming out you first open your eyes first allow the leg which is down to come out. And now slowly lift the feet and drop the leg down and straighten the leg. And just relax remember you to do the same practice with the other leg up. So you form an habit of taking both the legs up which will be helpful for you while doing. But master.

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