Yoga Exercise for Back Pain

Yoga Exercise for Back Pain

Backache may occasionally involve organs that are not thought to be directly related to the neck and spine. For instance, low back pain can be caused by a duodenal ulcer or acute pancreatitis.

Back pain can also be linked to heart problems. The biggest study in this area was undertaken by a group of Finnish researchers. For 13 years, they followed 8,816 Finnish farmers via a postal study. The group comprised 3,842 women and 3,648 men aged 30 to 66 with no previous history of heart problems. Men who had reported back pain, including sciatica, before they took part in the study had a significantly increased risk of dying of ischaemic heart disease during the 13 year follow up. The association remained even after adjusting for age, smoking habits, body mass index and social status.

The link between heart and back isn’t so farfetched. The muscles in the back have a vital role to play in helping to pump the blood back into the heart. As they contract.

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Back pain is a rising phenomenon especially in men due to the changing lifestyle and most of them are not quite sure of the consequences that a drawn out back pain issue may bring about. One needs to thoroughly know about the causes, risks and symptoms of back pain are and learn the back pain management methods. Back pain that lasts from a few days to a few weeks is termed as acute or short term back pain. In most cases, back pain occurs as a result of arthritis that may be caused due to the stress in the spine and tissues by an injury,

It is quite surprising that about 30-40% of the absence from the workplace is due to back pain and the lower back pain is the most common of them all as it accounts for two thirds of all the back pain related cases as a result of which many back pain products are introduced. There are also studies that explain that most of the back pain is caused by the improper lifting of heavy objects. There are two kinds of back pain in men, the upper back pain and lower back pain.

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