Yoga Exercise for Swimmers

Namaskar and David and welcome to an enjoyable yoga for swimmers what does a swimmer require he requires a strong body a flexible body strong arms and main thing is a good length capacity this is what exactly we will achieve through this set of assets and even more sahaja would jive Donna this paradigm helps you to make the normal breathing very easy as in this plan. And we’ll be creating obstacle for breathing the creating difficulties to breathe. So the normal breathing becomes much more easier before going in this drownin should know how to create the obstacle that is contraction of the throat to get the contraction of the throat proper learn to make this sound as you are exhaling as well as while you’re enable you’re doing it first with the mouth.

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And then we go to do it with the nose which is the ideal product so learning with the mouth is this by doing this you will learn how to contract the throat message. And now you are ready do the prom I am now making the same sound making the same contraction while you doing the breathing through the nose to have the Padma mudra right pump over the left keep it touching your body and on the leg you close your eyes in this you slightly drop the chin down very little. And now as you inhale first you contract the throat muscles and make that whistling sound or the friction sound through the throat after doing it for three times or more than that you can go up to six nine 14 minutes to three minutes whatever you want. And just experience the difference that you feel in the body in the mind then drop the bombs give them on your eyes. And then very slowly open your eyes.

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