Yoga Exercise Vakr Asana for Twisting Postures

I’m Oscar I am David Earth welcome to Anand yoga general yoga level 2 once you have done with general yoga level 1 and, if you are started feeling that these arsons are getting quite easy for you then you can come to general yoga level 2 wherein we learn slightly advanced arson from general yoga level 1 there are twists there are forward bending there are backward bending and there are some good primes once you do level 2 you get prepared for level 3 and 4 what Khorasan the twists pose to go in this practice you’re sitting with the legs in front now you bend your left leg in such a way that the feet is by the side of the other need you support the left leg with the left hand push it and lock the right armpit and place the right palm by the side of the left feet take the left hand in front.

Yoga Exercise Vakr Asana for Twisting Postures Photo Gallery

And look at the fingers take a deep breath in and exhaling start moving the left hand behind. And you’re turning the face also behind then drop the hand down then close your eyes and maintain allow the breathing to be normal this practice is helping her to have a wonderful twist for the back improves the health of your back muscles. And also your spine the abdomen is getting squeezed. So the health of the abdominal organs improved it also helps you to reduce the fats from the abdominal region keep breathing normal enjoy this wonderful Asin. And then when you feel like coming out you first open your eyes turn the face in. And just take the hand inwards support the left leg with the left hand and release the right hand.

And then release the leg. And then relax I have comfortable distance in your legs hands behind. And just enjoy the effect of this awesome on your body the rest for some time. And then you do on the other side this arson will prepare you for Salah vomiting Russell and advanced with suppose you’re finding this arson difficult then you can learn what conv Krassin in general yoga level 1.

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