Yoga Fire Breath

Following with hands and feet

Following with the hands (partner exercise):

Multiple shaped curves, circles, spirals and similar types of movement with the hands can also be performed standing up or kneeling facing a partner, whereby Partner 1 initially takes the lead, Partner 2 goes along with the palms of their hands at a certain distance from the palms of Partner 2, whilst continually adapting to the movement. And then change over: Partner 2 leads and Partner 1 follows.

Following with the feet (partner exercises):

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This partner exercise succeeds just like the one before, when sitting with the feet facing each other, even if the legs are often somewhat more clumsy and stiffer than the arms, so that their movements are somewhat more angular and rigid.

Breathing up into the fingertips

Making the shoulder joint/ armpit area permeable (practice)

Every individual carries the burden of their life on their shoulders. Highly tensed up shoulder muscles are often a sign of heavy burdens. Also work-related exertion can afflict the neck and shoulder areas, such as e.g. a lot of typing without compensation through relaxation, movement and massages.

R Loosening massage of the neck and shoulder areas (partner exercise):

Partner 1 sits cross-legged, Partner 2 kneels from behind and massages loosely, dispersingly and strokingly the neck and shoulder areas of Partner 1, who observes their breathing.

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