Yoga For Beginners Basic Balance Tree Pose

Hi I’m Sophie and today I’m going to teach you a very basic balancing pose it’s really important in your yoga practice to put least one balance in every time you do a sequence. So we’re going to do tree pose today now multiple variations of it. So just work with whichever one feels comfortable to you today so to come into tree pose. But first we’re going to bet the right knee draw the right knee into the body stand up really nice and tall now we can take hold of the right ankle and place the right foot onto the left thigh from here take your hands in prayer now this might be quite challenging to have lit up on the thigh, if that is the case you can take the foot down onto the car people actually rest in toes just slightly on the ground having the right ankle up onto the left ankle so with the full pose putting the right foot back on to the left thigh or working with whichever variation is comfortable to you you’re then gonna breathe here.

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And then take the hands up towards the sky reaching the fingertips up towards the ceiling or focusing on a point in front of you you’re then going to lengthen up through the side waist throw the belly button in and up as you press your right foot firmly onto the left thigh you breathe here four three two and one take your hands back to prayer at the heart center draw your right knee back into your chest I gently place the right foot down we can do the same thing on the opposite side so lifting the left knee throw your left knee into your chest take hold the left ankle place the left foot onto your right thigh you’re taking the hands in pro at your heart center thanking whichever variation you may want to buy car for one we’ll just make sure, if it is never on the knee okay so always on the thigh high for ankle.

But not on the knee. And then when you’re ready clicking the hands up towards the sky focusing on that point in front of you, if you wanted a little bit more of a challenge you can look up towards the ceiling I’ll barely close the eyes so taking a game whichever choice feels comfortable gonna breathe here for three again lengthening through the side waist to engaging through your core relaxing the shoulders down and one drawing your left knee back into your chest hands of breath. And then placing the foot back down on the mat thank you very much for trying tree pose with me today I hope you find a variation that you like you do have any questions you can ask below, if you’d like to subscribe you can do so. But thank you very much you.

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