Yoga For Beginners Couples Yoga Part 2

Namaskar I am livid at welcome to an and yoga kappa yoga kappa yog ax or pathless Yoga is a wonderful way to reconnect with each other it also helps you to have closeness in the relationship you will find two different types of we use in the set in some posts you both will be performing one acid together or in some posts when partner is performing in Austin. And the other partner is supporting just try this out and feel the difference in your body as well as your relationships past remoten acid in this variation of paschimottan Asana one partner is doing the arson. And the other partner is just supporting so she is going in paschimottan Asana with the legs in front palms on your thighs sliding them you go as far as you can. So this is what she achieves in paschimottan Asana now let us keep the legs straight slowly from here from the lower back I start moving the pressure upwards and slowly I am pushing her down be very careful you should know how much to push how much weight should I put and let her enjoy the stretch then allow her to take a deep breath in and as CX says you can slightly push a little more with the exhalation your body Etha bends forward.

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And then very slowly relax let her come back better I enjoy the effect on the calf I’m straining back. And then you ask her to do it for you throw acid in this arson both the partners are doing the awesome. So you sit in front of each other legs in front such that the toes are touching the hints are slightly with the distance okay you catch each other’s hand now first touch the feet of one leg and take it up now slightly put the weight behind and take the other leg up now from here you slowly start straightening the legs up catch hold form. And then raise the back up just enjoy the stretch for the calf pressure on the abdomen enjoy it. And then when you feel slowly Bend one leg drop it down other leg drop it down and relax such type of arsons help you to improve the trust on each other. Because you’re catching and dependent on the other partner a ballistic unison in this one partner does the arson and other partner supports the arson to make it better and more flexible so here I am doing the arson and she is supporting me dig the legs in front and go into provost hakuna.

So this is what I can achieve normally okay now she supports my legs either at the ankle or inside to be more she can again takes the buttocks closer towards me and again slightly stretch it. So this is what I can achieve now when I ask her to stop she stopped stretching and Dec takes the grip of my hands. So that my back remains correct and then, if I need slowly starts pulling me. And then you can also catch the shoulders and press it down. And just enjoy the stretch. And then when I want to come out in just slowly come back the legs supports me to maintain the angle and once I have done I can make her to the same awesome. But the canasa here one partner does the arson the other partner supports the partner so one partner is going in. But the kunais on feet closer knees apart.

So this is what she can achieve normally. But the co nozzle so now, if you catch the hand we’re s the feet in such a way that it’s on the shin board and closer to the ankle and slowly start pushing the heats in this is what she achieves now. Because of the support, if you want you release the hand let her catch the leg and press this down the other variation you slowly just slightly pull her. So that she experienced a good stretch for the back now be sensitive how much you want to pull we did not take her directly towards the ground with practice you can definitely that. And then when you feel that she wants really get released allow her to go back relax the hands relax the pressure on the legs and let her relax. And then you can do it Vision Gosselin a wonderful stretch for your back and for your shoulders it’s a variation in Boojum Garson we’re in one partner lies down on the abdomen legs closer chin on the ground the other partner sits up on the legs on the calf either putting the weight on the curves or not putting depending on what you like then slowly go up and raise the chest stop. And then give the hands to the partner the other partner starts pulling you. And you enjoy the wonderful stretch you can tell the partner where you want to stop close the eyes. And just enjoy the stretch for the shoulders for the back the pressure on the abdomen take the head up. And just enjoy. And when you feel like coming up tell your partner to slowly release drop the head. And just enjoy this effect on the back on the abdomen. And the chest Oh n watterson a wonderful arson for your abdominal organs to do it with your partner when partner lies down bends the leg and brings it closer to the abdomen the other partner catches the leg and slowly starts pushing it button who is lying down can just enjoy the pressure on the abdomen it’s more than what you do can do it alone keep the breathing normal.

And then when you feel like coming out you can tell you a partner to release or, if the partner senses that he has to release you can just release and feel the effect of the abdomen on the abdominal. And then you can come out I don’t wanna sit in this one she is going to Adam ox wanna sell and I will be helping her to improve the stretch with the help of a belt so to go in a democracy you come to cat position some distance in your feet in your knees toes inside I just raise the knees up straighten the legs and go in a democracy on acid take the feet slightly closer now this is what she’s achieve a I’ll be catching her legs from inside keeping the bed on the thighs towards the upper body more. And then I’d be slowly pulling her when I start putting her thing there is an increase in stretch for the legs the upper body is relaxed the weight on the shoulders are relaxed so she can maintain it for longer time I am just putting my weight behind. And when I feel that she wants relaxed release I slowly release the stretch and a level drop the legs down. And come out of the awesome um God chanting we’re in doing a couple yoga session or a partner’s yoga session you can do ohm car chanting either sitting like this or I would prefer you’re doing it with the back touching each other. So you sit with the partner in such a way that your backs are touching each other sit erect close your eyes add the Donna mudra you are sitting in normal cross leg position or are the Padma’s north of mass and whatever you feel comfortable just for some movement be aware of your partner’s back before starting the session from the bottom of your heart just thank your partner for being there in this session he or she will be helping you for doing these arsons to thank her or him. And then we start with three old car the sound of poor whoo and more so for the first take a deep breath in it’s again in Haines Oh one more diamond Hey Oh just be aware of the vibrations that you. And your partner has created this will immediately calm down your mind prepare your body and mind for the session then you rub the palms with them on your eyes and dropping the hands down slowly open your eyes.

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