Yoga For Breathing


Would you like to experience your movement possibilities in the joints of your right and then left arm, and then in your left leg and right leg? Then imagine an octopus, which moves its tentacles with snake-like flexibility in all possible directions on the ocean bed:

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For this we begin the experience of the movement possibilities in the finger and toe joints lying on our back, to then via the hand and foot joints to continue further to elbow and knee joints, and finally also to include shoulder and hip joints.

Slowly intensify this game with the arms and legs by dynamically moving your joints in all possible directions, in circles, figure eight shapes and spirals. Let the movement slowly ebb down; place your extremities back on the floor in a relaxed way.

You will now be able to observe an intensive stimulation of the breathing and circulation with spaceconsuming breathing movement. A fantastic possibility for maintaining the breathing and circulation as well as the musculo-skeletal system young and fresh, especially since this exercise can be performed at home in the smallest space, if necessary even in the sickbed (a firm support is required!).

Speaking of sick people: here often already bending, stretching and rotating the hands and feet is sufficient to somewhat stimulate the breathing and the circulation.

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