Yoga for Immune System

Yoga is a wonderful way to deal with immune system problems you know every year we are exposed to so many new viruses so many new strains, if you’re feeling a cold or flu come over you it’s important to stop and rest at the earliest possible opportunity, if you can rest for 30 minutes that could be such a wonderful practice for you. And your immune system will really be boosted one of my favorite things to do is legs on a chair.

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So we just come down get our hindquarters up close to the chair and elevate the legs and let them rest, if we can have the knees come up close to the edge of the chair that is wonderful then your thighs and legs can relax completely resting here for at least 30 minutes allowing your breath to be the focus of your attention getting out of the head and all of the thoughts that are constantly bouncing around in there. And just identifying more with this idea of supporting yourself with the chair with a sofa and allowing yourself to be supported by the earth here just surrendering completely and allowing gravity to take over allowing your brain to rest back toward the back of the skull and surrendering the body is a self-healing organism, if we stop and allow that relaxation response to take hold we will find our immune system responds beautifully I’m Deborah Devine for healing yoga.

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