Yoga for Joints

When we Zoomers are dealing with painful joints an important way to manage that pain is to keep hydrated and there are so many things that we could be drinking that will help reduce pain and help give us more fluidity in our joints regular water is fine. And it’s fantastic and, if it can be room-temperature water that’s even better. Because we can keep the digestive fires going with room-temperature water some people don’t really enjoy drinking room-temperature water they want a little bit more flavor so adding lemon or lime or both to your water would be a wonderful option adding cucumber to a jug of water is also really great and even coconut water is a fantastic solution so maybe just thinking outside of your normal habits for what your drinking will create a little bit more ease of movement and ease and range of motion in your joints. And the other important thing is to try to find a good relationship with gravity so whether you’re sitting or whether you’re standing just find out whether you are aligned whether your spine is is experiencing its natural curves we have a tendency to move our head forward. So just keep reminding yourself to come back to come back into the back plane of the body and you’ll notice a wonderful difference in the joints I’m Debra divine the healing yoga.

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