Yoga for Knees

Thank you for joining me for another healing yoga webisode on knees when we’re working with painful knees were typically working with muscles that are very tight. So we’re gonna be doing a quad stretch just lying down on our side. So that there’s no pressure on her knees, if you have a old bathroom tie or your husband’s old tie or yoga belt with a built in loop you can just create this loop around the ankle letting the bottom leg come long enough. So that you’ve got a good foundation.

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And then you can come down onto your elbow or down on to your arm. And then we’re going to press the foot into the belt and resist back with the belt against the foot we’re lengthening out the quadricep here which can really create problems, if they are too tight. And the knee is really painful long slow smooth in breath long slow smooth and complete out-breath that active stretch is going to really move a lot of energy out of the connective tissue. And the muscles on the front of the legs thank you for joining me and Deborah Devine for healing yoga you.

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