Yoga for Low Blood Pressure

When we’re dealing with low blood pressure the retained inhalations are an excellent way to manage those symptoms.

So we do that by taking an in-breath engaging mula bandha the perineum lift the Kegel. And we also engage the flying net lock the gel and our Abunda. So we take the chin down to the jugular notch.

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And we keep the breath inside. And we feel prana supercharging while it’s inside our abdomen and our chest we exhale completely. And then we inhale bottom Middle top engage mula bandha take a chin down to the jugular notch pause feel the fullness and feel proud of supercharging deep inside as soon as you feel like okay it’s time to let the breath go natural breaths, if you take three of those breasts with a few natural breasts in between you’ll definitely feel your blood pressure is coming back up to normal levels I’m Deborah Devine for healing yoga you.

These kinds of moments are a way to test your stress levels. If you can jump from zero to one hundred as soon as life brings an unforeseen change, then your sympathetic nervous systems have been the boss for far too long.

Of course, you can always book another Uber, but the same thing may happen. Once you are resigned to waiting, you can use this time as an opportunity for reflection, rather than clocking more hours in dedicated texting time.

First things first. Notice your storytelling. When we are frustrated or annoyed or railing against change, we start to self-narrate. I can’t believe I’m going to be late. What if they start without me? Will I look irresponsible? Why do these things always happen to me?

Sound familiar?

This predictive voice is not nearly as good at forecasting the future as it thinks it is. Your mind isn’t always right, even though it really wants to be. Thank it for its theories. Notice when your mind launches into a story. And return back to being in the moment. How does your body feel standing on the corners of your feet? What does the street that you are on look like? Can you spot the signs of the season that you are inhabiting?

Every time your grumbly voice interjects, take a deep breath to a peaceful, truthful state. You have nine minutes, after all. You will still get to point B you will just be a little more grounded when you arrive.

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