Yoga for Lower Back

Pain and discomfort in the lower back is a common problem and one of the things that’s very effective is twists now in this webisode we are going to be taking an open twist. So It’s a very gentle twist we use the breath to lengthen the front of the spine. And when we go into the twist we’re very mindful of our discs get yourself grounded with your knees pointing in one direction. And your feet in the opposite direction inhale lift everything on the front spine. And then exhale take yourself into this open twist your hand is resting on the far knee.

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And you’re inhaling lifting exhaling going a little bit deeper into the twist we’re lifting the ribs off of the pelvis with every breath cycle and exhaling completely. So that we can wring out the muscles and connective tissue around the low back you can take your head in either direction as well some of the muscles that we have that are causing us discomfort in the lower back actually begin way up here at the back of the spine at the back of the head then we come back to Center take a few moments. And then we’ll do the other side I’m Debra Devine for healing you.

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