Yoga for Memory

One of the most effective ways to activate our memory is to use a practice that we often see in meditation whereby behind the closed eyelids you’re taking the eyes and pointing them and allow your eyes to look up to the third eye that area between the eyebrows just up a little bit. And this kind of a practice activates the pineal gland the pituitary gland there’s all kinds of neural pathways that are opening up. And then with the tongue what we do is we take the tip of the tongue. And we put it behind the two front teeth up where the teeth meet the gums. So you can go ahead and close your eyes right now take the eyes. And just draw them up to where the eyebrows meet and maybe just a little bit higher than that. And then just allow your eyes to rest there for a few moments and, if you get tired, if your eyes get tired of course you just come down and let your eyes come back.


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And then just keep giving it a go and seeing, if you can build up a little bit more insurance for those eye muscles that may not be used to doing that. And then we take the tip of the tongue lips are closed they’re just touching lightly. And the tip of the tongue comes up behind the two front teeth all the way up to where the gums. And the teeth connect. And then we take three long slow smooth and complete in and out breaths. And just clearing any thoughts that are happening by bringing your awareness on the action of the eyes as they look up into the third eye. And the action of the tongue as its resting right in that spot behind the two front teeth at the end of the third breath cycle you can let your eyes come back let your tongue come back and see, if you feel more mentally refreshed I’m Deborah divine for healingyoga.

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