Yoga for Neck and Back

Many of us are spending a lot of time sitting at our desks working on various assignments or sitting in our cars going from point A to point B spending a lot of time in traffic. So It’s really important to use whatever technology we have available to help us keep a healthy back and spine maybe set a timer on your smartphone. And then every 15 or 20 minutes you’re just coming to the front edge of the seat sitting on the front of your sit bones.

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And then lifting on the front of the spine on the in-breath and exhaling into a lovely twist that’s gonna bring out some tension that’s been manifesting in your spine on both the back of the spine. And the front of the spine, if you lift your legs up one at a time exhaling completely you’ll feel the psoas muscles begin to release as well now what you could also do is a modified downward facing dog either at your desk or on the chair you can keep yourself high just walking back and coming into this modified downward-facing dog you could go even lower reaching back and extending the spine long slow smooth and breaths long slow smooth out breaths I’m Debra Devine for healing yoga.

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