Yoga for PTSD

Our yoga practice can be such an amazing tool when we’re dealing with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder one of my favorite poses to help manage the symptoms is triangle pose and, if we use a chair to help us we can cultivate more balance in her pose and more balance in our hearts our breath and our mind. So we’re going to take one leg forward in front of the chair the toes are facing forward.

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And then the back foot will come back find a spot with your back foot. So that you can really feel secure and grounded with both legs energize the muscles of the legs hug muscle to bone go to the pelvic girdle also feel really strong and secure here pressing down into the baby toe side of the back foot the whole back leg is the anchor go to the front leg externally rotate the front femur give the knee a little bit of a micro bend. And then press down into the ball of the big toe take a long slow smooth in-breath and lengthen the spine. And then exhale drop the front femur and feel the pelvis rolling over top of the top of the leg in the hip socket bring your hand on to the chair. And then before we go anywhere with the top arm come back to the foundation energize energize the legs energize the pelvic girdle.

And then opening the heart letting the arm come up pressing down with the hand and pressing down with the ball of the big toe and reaching up with the rising arm long slow smooth and complete in-and-out breaths breathe through your nose complete the out breaths. And then top arm comes down we energize the legs and maybe the chair can help us come up turn the toes forward. And then come back to Center and feel what just happened compare the right side to the left side of the body. And then take the opposite side enjoy a couple of rounds of triangle hoes and see how calm and refreshed you feel afterwards I’m Debra Devine for healing yoga namaste.

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