Yoga For Water Retention

Yoga For Water Retention


When we’re thinking a thought and give it energy by imagining it as real or speaking it, we’re storing the pattern of vibration in the water of our bodies, and it shows as the corresponding vibration all around us and further out, beyond our physical selves. In this way, we influence our surroundings and others react to it, so we receive the appropriate feedback that again reinforces both our vibrations and the morphogenetic field. This shows how important it is to think and speak with purity of intent.

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My esteemed teacher Dr. Nobuo Shioya made me aware of this a long time ago; and now, thanks to the water-crystal images, we can actually see it in solid form In his blog, Der Jungbrunnen des Dr. Shioya (Dr. Shioya’s Fountain of Youth), Dr. Shioya describes the three “correct states of mind” that can help each of us live a happier life. Although very ill from birth, he developed a breathing technique that he combined with visualization. This method of “creative power thoughts and correct breathing” made it possible for him to live a healthier and longer life. From his 60th birthday onward, he really started to rejuvenate. For example, he won a golf tournament at the venerable age of 100 years.

The healing hands of the mother: This powerful crystal shows a slight pink coloring. Pink is assigned to love and the energy of friendliness, which comes from the heart. It’s also said that this color helps activate the life energy.

Giving birth: This picture shows that giving birth is more than simply delivering a baby. It feels as if a decision has been made to weave its own pattern of life. This picture shows a dynamic, developing movement.

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