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To intensify: Move your shoulder blades in toward the spine Yoga garden and toward your lower back. Take hold of both ankles and pull your entire torso farther Yoga garden down. Breathe as you stretch your back fully. To come out of the pose, step your feet a bit closer to each other, bring your hands to your hips, then inhale and stretch your head and chest forward to come up strongly, retracting your shoulder blades as you do so. Step your feet together into Tadasana. Purpose: To extend the hip, strengthen the quadriceps, stretch the iliopsoas, pectoralis, latissimus dorsi, and teres major muscles, and promote balance. Contraindications: Hyperlordosis, spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, severe lumbar stenosis. Props: A yoga mat and a chair.

Some assert the primacy of meditation, other wise men that of sacrifice, and still others that of giving gifts. Some asserts the existence of everything, while other deny that anything exists.

Some praise austerity, while other people extol vedic study. Some assert that knowledge comes from renunciation, while nature philosophers claim that it comes from nature.

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