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Avoiding pitfalls: Set the pelvis carefully, squarely facing the Yoga gear back of the chair, and keep it that way as you perform the pose. Do Yoga gear not let the back leg droop. Align the front knee with the second toe. Stand facing the back of your chair. Bend the right knee as you step the left foot back. Movement stops when the right shin is vertical. Attentively find the balance between the four corners of the right foot, and the two front corners of the left foot. Lean forward a bit toward the chair, fully stretch your back leg, and firm the muscles from foot to hip.

In 12.228 we encounter yet another path to release, which indirectly dismisses the methods of accumulating supernatural powers of the previous yoga form. This path or yoga agrees it is important – but only to a certain degree – to build up supernatural powers now calledyoga-isvarya (Malinar 2012b). These yoga powers, when mastered through the fixation of the senses’ (dharana once more), enable one to master the six elements of Cosmos’. However, as such supernatural powers are a part of prakriti, one has in the end to drop them in order to have a final release. So here we have a concept of yoga, which agrees with Patanjali’s yoga: meditation gives supernatural powers but they need to be dropped for final release.

The yoga discourse – a wide arena of bewilderment and uncertainty

It seems safe to conclude that the discussions we see here in relation to release from samsara (rebirth), are a reflection and continuation of the proto-yoga discussions conducted among the Sramanas and the political rulers (often pictured as Kshatriyas). Hence we can see that at this point in history there is still no agreement and no hegemonic or prevailing view, which has managed to establish itself. We have a cultural field with discourses centring around release from rebirth. Various paths compete with each other in delivering theoria and praxis. The authors of the MBh agrees that there is no unity:

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