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If we confine ourselves to investigating yoga in the MD as a meditative praxis we soon realise that even then the MD leaves the same impression of diversity and disagreement. As we see the MD does not reflect a single cohesive yoga meditation style but a heterogeneous discourse field of contesting views.

The many meditation styles and yoga

In the MBh scholars can trace different flavours of meditation even within yoga (Wynne 2007). Yoga is not just one but many styles of meditation. This confirms the fluidity and lack of conceptual clarification at that time. Bronkhorst (2006) confirms that a careful reading of the different descriptions of yogic meditation reveals that the MBh is strongly influenced by various Sramanic views, As an example let us first look at the discussions about dhyana-yoga. This is a yoga variety of MD, which is influenced by Buddhism according to Bronkhorst (1986). Dhyana is a central Buddhist notion for meditation. After mentioning the four yoga-dhyanas (Buddha also listed four levels) further Buddhist notions and views appear (here underlined):

Props: A yoga mat and two blocks. Avoiding pitfalls Yoga glo : Balance the weight on the four corners of the feet; avoid tipping your hips back Yoga glo . Breathe with ease and fullness. Even when the arms are hanging down, pull them up into the shoulder sockets. Extend your arms out to the sides at shoulder height. Step your feet apart to the width of both outstretched arms. Make sure the feet are parallel. Press the four corners of each foot down, but lift your arches.

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