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A second reason was that the new ascetic technologies like yoga increasingly became part of discourses of supernatural powers and Gnostic mysticism. These new technologies were not only connected with the release of the soul, but also invested the adept with extra ordinary powers, like the ability to fly. To be seen to possess supernatural powers, to which yoga was progressively linked as we witness in the Mahabharata, meant the build up of further symbolic capital.

The emerging wisdom discourses – strongly embodied by Buddhism – further created the identity of a living liberated adept whose consciousness was ontologically transformed. He was a god-like phenomenon beyond comprehension. With this concept of the awakened one’ -like Buddha or brahman realisation’ – it seems that the liberation discourses had pushed the accumulation of symbolic capital to new heights.

I believe that competition for sacred/symbolic status – who was seen to contain most purity and supernatural power – became another factor in explaining the development and spread of the ascetic wisdom discourses of which yoga was one. This status competition – the struggle for symbolic capital – also became a factor in explaining why so many sacred groups evolved and mutated in Indian history.

Lean forward and place your hands on the outside of the Yoga groupon legs just below your knees. If you have shoulder or arm pain, place a belt Yoga groupon to encircle your legs just below the knees instead of using your arms. Widen and retract your sitting bones. Lean forward from your hips, not your waist. Firm all your thigh muscles and inhale as you lengthen out through your spine. As you exhale, push your hands strongly in toward the midline, and press out equally strongly with your thighs. The resisted isometric movement will widen your pelvis, relieving compression in the hips and sacroiliac joints. Once you are familiar with this action, you can apply it to many poses even without the actual opposing forces.

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