Yoga headbands

Be patient! This stretch will pay off over time. Yoga headbands Lean to the right side to free the left leg and change sides. Purpose: To Yoga headbands stretch the hip and outer thigh iliotibial band, expanding range of motion in a position that keeps the spine elongated. Contraindications: Cerebrovascular disease, severe hypertension, colostomy, gastric reflux, medial meniscal tear, lateral collateral ligamentous sprain, severe joint effusion.

Props: A yoga mat and a wall, a blanket under your head for comfort if needed. Avoiding pitfalls: Hold the pelvis flat on the floor and evenly placed left to right. Keep the foot of your crossover leg flexed to protect your knee. You may find that you are tighter on one side than the other; move farther away from the wall when crossing over with the tighter side.

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