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Take note of any changes in sensation. 1JATHARA PARIVARTANASANA Reclining Yoga instructor salary Twist Purpose: To mobilize the joints of the spine, strengthen transverse and oblique abdominal muscles Yoga instructor salary , stretch the front of the shoulder, and strengthen the back. Contraindications: Total hip replacement, colostomy, herniated nucleus pulposus. Props: A yoga mat, blanket optional for comfort. Avoiding pitfalls: Keep your muscles firm; do not do a floppy version of this pose. Align your spine down the center of your mat. Lie on your back with your arms spread wide at shoulder height, palms up, and knees bent. With knees bent, raise your thighs toward vertical, with the shins horizontal.

The paradox – the real yogis did not practice yoga’

It is with reluctance that we now have to leave the Buddhists and the Jains – two of the main professional groups in the field of liberation – at the margins of this book. Both these groups managed to create organisations and institutions, which allowed them to store, and transmit their teachings – their discourse DNA – from generation to generation. This should not lead us to assume that their cultural memory – their DNA – went through no significant transformations, because it did. Their cultural memory was constantly fragmented by status competition, geographical isolation and adaptation to changes in various historical conditions. So it is within those parameters that their institutional environment allowed their various mutated cultural memories a certain continuity and stability.

For about a millennium a parallel organisational build-up did not happen among the Kshatriyas (amateur yogis) and Brahmins (reluctant yogis), who were involved in similar sister discourses and practices. However, they chose to call these practices yoga’ in order to distinguish themselves. As we will see in the coming chapters, due to this total lack of institutional environment the yoga discourse within these two dominating castes was constantly on the edge of extinction – especially the use-value part of it. Hence in the strata of social and political power the written yoga discourse focused on social symbolic issues – not practical use-value. As we shall see in other chapters, yoga later on became enveloped in Axial Age monotheistic religions. Here the symbolic-value of the yoga discourse clearly took the upper hand and from then on became a significant factor in the dynamic and vitality of the written yoga discourse208.

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