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Lie on your back with the tops of your shoulders on Yoga internationalthe top edge of the folded blanket and your head on the mat. Bend your knees Yoga international, place your feet hip-width apart, parallel, and about six to eight inches from your hips. Place your arms alongside your body, palms facing up. Take a few breaths, inflate your inner body, and soften any shoulder tension. Inhale. Curl your sitting bones down and apart to ensure that the pelvis stays wide. Exhale. Raise your hands until your elbows are bent ninety degrees.

Later on the Apastamba-Dharmasutra gives more information about yoga, but as the Sanskrit expert Olivelle points out (1999), these parts are much later text-fragments added to the text. But even if these yoga text-interpolations belong to a later period, I will briefly mention them:

Seated with purificatory grass in hand, he should control his breath and recite the purificatory text, the calls, the syllable OM and the daily portion of the Veda (2.2)

So here we see that yoga is once more connected with purification. Purification is a typical theme in the later Dharma-sastras, so I will return to this aspect in another chapter . Secondly yoga is described as pranayama combined with recitation of holy text and sounds.

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