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Place the elbows under the shoulders with hands extending forward. Yoga jones Firm the muscles of your arms. Inhale and lower your upper chest down a little over Yoga jones the arms. Exhale, contract your belly muscles, and lift your hips up to the same height as your shoulders. Knees remain on the floor. Hold yourself up just above the floor for several slow breaths, then release down. Stage II Perform instructions 1 through 4 as above. 2.

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It is almost impossible to identify who was first and who influenced whom in this process where the combined discourse of ascetic-wisdom opened like a flower. I have decided that I will only investigate those groups calling their combined ascetic wisdom practices yoga ‘. This means we now can leave Buddhism behind us (as their canon in general does not use the word yoga’) and focus on groups naming their main practice yoga’. This might not be a wise decision – but otherwise we would never finish.

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