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1Repeat on the other side. Forward bends are quieting, Yoga journal live once you get past the initial challenges of tightness. They encourage humility and patience with oneself Yoga journal live . Purpose: To passively flex the lumbar and extend the thoracic spine and flex the hips. To prepare for relaxation. Contraindications: Colostomy, prepatellar bursitis, total knee prosthesis. Props: A yoga mat and a blanket or two, possibly washcloths for the knees. Avoiding pitfalls: If your knees are stiff, put folded washcloths behind your knees to create space and reduce compressionthere.

Long hair holds fire, holds the drug, holds sky and earth. Long hair reveals everything, so that everyone can see the sun. Long hair declares the light.

These ascetics, swathed in wind, put dirty red rags on. When gods enter them, they ride with the rush of wind.

He sails through the air, looking down on all shapes below. The ascetic is friend to this god and that god, devoted to what is well done.

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