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I am usually rushing from one appointment to the other. Yoga journal poses anxiety I find that it is important to set a tone at the beginning of a day, Yoga journal poses anxiety as early as possible, so that it can hopefully carry consistently throughout. Though it may not always happen, this is a personal goal of mine, nonetheless. I thought that that day was a good day to set a special tone to practice compassion for myself. I arrived at my next appointment, at NBC, early!

I emphasize this because it never happens. And so I relished the opportunity to pause in the lobby of the enormous office building and actually wait for my producer to A DAY DEDICATED TO THE HEART escort me upstairs to track my voice for the story on Afghanistan. I had been there a few days before to see the rough cut of the piece and to receive a little tutelage from a broadcaster, since this was not my profession. I had taken the time to prepare myself; more so than usual because I wanted to do mv very best.

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