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He came to know his inner world as a paradise, Yoga journal poses back pain unmoved by the reality that was his external world. Through his experience alone, we can Yoga journal poses back pain almost understand the lesson of his life. If we meditate on his experience, for example, it may be easier to consider living our lives differently, or, at least, more mindfully. When I was finished recording my poem on Valentine’s Day, I felt charged with positive reinforcement from my small audience of producer and sound engineer, and from myself, as well. It felt good to partake in this project, to give voice and speak emotion to the written word so that others might in turn find their own meanings in these profound truths. I was compelled to hug each person in the room, though I had only just met them. I wished them all a happy Valentine’s Day and was off again. Normally, my days do not start so smoothly.

So it could be from this metaphor of yoking horses’ that the yoga notion derives (Cohen 2008). What needs to be harnessed is an integrated cluster consisting of mind, intellect and senses – often just called the senses’. Thus by gaining control and discipline of this whole chariot complex – i.e. by yoking’ – the meditator obtains understanding or discernment. This is seen in following statement, which confirms the metaphor:

But he who has discernment, with an ever controlled mind, his senses are subdued, like the good horses of a charioteer. (III.6)

The two following verses then explain the implication of the Yogis discernment’: he, who does not control his senses (i.e. does not meditate and understand), enters into rebirth, but he who does, reaches indeed that place, from whence he is not born again III.8.

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