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After five to ten minutes of quiet rest, take a Yoga kansas cityfew deeper breaths, stretch your arms and legs gently, bend your knees, and softly Yoga kansas cityroll to the side. Take your time getting up, to respect whatever effects, changes, and benefits you may feel from your yoga practice. Remember your highest intention and affirm your process of growth and healing. The Shoulders Most yoga postures or asana do more than one thing.

However, the ravages of aging and the unpredictable events of life often leave an individual unable to do full postures because of disabilities unrelated to the primary goal of the position. Therefore, we have honed down some asana and focused as much as possible on specific joints to enable readers and practitioners to benefit exactly where they want to. The shoulder is a particularly good example. Very little yoga is dedicated exclusively to this joint, though it plays a part in almost every asana.

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