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Come onto your hands and knees on a folded blanket. Yoga kula If your feet or ankles are stiff, positionyourself with your feet half on and half off Yoga kula the edge of the blanket. Place a folded washcloth behind each knee. Widen your knees. Fold your hips back toward your heels. Reach forward with your chest and rest your forehead on your folded hands or on another blanket. An alternative stretch is to extend your arms forward on the floor. Breathe deeply.

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Examples of super-natural capabilities

First, some examples, mainly related to asceticism, of what I mean by semi-divinity’ or super-natural powers’. The ancient texts are so rich in examples of such semi-divinity that it can be argued that an important ideological function of these texts was to create and re-enforce the symbolic power basis for a range of social groups.

In the Vedas we encounter a range of verses expressing the power discourse of supernatural capabilities like for instance these three related verses from Rigveda describing the power of the Muni or the Kesin (Kesin means long haired):

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