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The idea with yoga is to challenge these limitations before they Yoga leggings outstrip your shoulder’s built-in capacity to adapt to them. But this is not easy Yoga leggings , precisely because of the joint’s inherent adaptability! When you try to stretch the knee joint, you stretch whatever is stopping you, but when you do the same thing with the acromioclavicular joint, the shoulder will just slide along the back of the ribs to accommodate your limitation.

So the exercises have to be more sophisticated, and have to fix the shoulder blade in place on the back of the chest before any of the shoulder’s motions are extended. At times the poses cunningly do the opposite: hold the humerus in place and move the glenoid fossa around it! The instructions in this chapter are drawn from Anusara Yoga as well as the teachings of Mr. Iyengar. What we have learned from Mr. Iyengar is implicit in what follows.

Anusara Yoga explicitly offers four principles of particular value for the shoulder: nner Body Bright In preparing for any action, open to the breath, to your intention, and to a deep energetic expansion.

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