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Playful exercises with the joints of the extremities

With upper torso bending over forwards, allow the arm joints to play:

In upright standing position bend over forwards with your upper torso in a relaxed way, so that all muscles of the upper torso can dangle, also face and cheeks participate. We thereby allow the arm joints to play freely moving.

Allow the joints to play

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Reclined, standing upright or sitting move your arms in all possible directions, by stretching yourself out into the room, take up contact with your environment, e.g. a person, the walls and other objects.

In reclined position allow the legs joints to play:

Lie on your back with legs stretched out vertically and now playfully try types of movement with intensive joint movements of your legs.

Allowing all the extremities to play in the joints:

Turn yourself onto your back and move playfully with the joints of your extremities like a beetle that has landed on its back, and is now trying to get up on its legs again.

Depositing the released extremities:

Then full of trust that the floor will carry you, deposit your extremities in such a relaxed way that you finally may have the impression that your arms and legs are floating freely next to the body, like a manikin that has become independent.

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