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In the semi-nomadic clans from which the Vedas emerged, ascetic practices were a part of a wider discourse of tapas (heat). Tapas was seen to have enormous importance and had several meanings according to the American professor of religious studies W. Kaelber Tapta Marga – Asceticism and initiation in Vedic India (1989). Fundamentally, it was seen as a creative force – as primary energy pervading everything, even the gods. It had similar significance then as energy has today post-Einstein: energy is today seen to be inside everything, even what we previously thought were the tiniest elementary particles.

In the Vedas tapas can directly be translated as heat’. It was a process (something you did) but it was also the result of that process (being heated up). Like fire, tapas had a transformative power: you would do tapas in order to become tapas. The gods were pure tapas, but by doing tapas humans could get rid of pollution and become heated up’, so they also were tapas – i.e. semi-gods. The Rishis seen as the authors of the Vedic texts, were able to conceive them because of doing tapas.

Avoid beginning from a collapsed posture, both physically and mentally Yoga loft boulder . Muscular Energy The muscles of the arms activate, hugging the bones and connecting the upper Yoga loft boulder arm bones securely into the shoulder sockets, which provides stability.

Moulder Loop The shoulder blades pull in toward the spine and move slightly down, which causes a lift in the front of the chest. The tops of the ears tilt slightly back to maintain the normal curve of the cervical spine. This action brings the shoulder girdle and neck into an alignment that will provide both stability and freedom Consult the diagram and explanation of the Loops in Appendix III.

Organic Energy While maintaining the previous actions, extend out from the center of the chest, out through the arms, creating space in the joints and balancing the compressive effects of Muscular Energy. With Organic Energy the practice becomes less mechanical and more expressive, fluid, and expansive. Poses Purpose: To learn to maintain good support in the flexed shoulders while bending the elbows.

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