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Expand outward from your center. Purpose: To improve adduction Yoga mat shoes by stretching the rhomboid, posterior deltoid, and subscapularis muscles. Contraindications: Shoulder subluxation, Yoga mat shoes acromioclavicular separation, posterior labral tear, Hill-Sachs deformity, or fracture. Prop: A wall. Avoiding pitfalls: Keep your arms back in their sockets and your collar bones wide. Stand facing a wall. Lift one arm so your elbow comes right in front of the middle part of your chest, with the forearm and hand pointing upward. Place that forearm vertically against the wall.

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We can see from this example that the proto-yogis – i.e. the Sramanas – were given meaning by previous institutions, discourses, codes and habitus. Their ethics, their discipline, their determination, their stamina, their meditation, their wisdom linked into this. Their high status was a direct function of being grounded in older cultural institutions and habitus.

I believe that this is an important answer to the question of why people listened to the Sramanas. Their symbolic capital allowed them to challenge existing Vedic rituals and practises. If, on the other hand, a chieftain, an aristocratic warrior or a rich merchant had stood up and said that he believed the Brahmin rituals were a waste of time and resources, the audience might have been very sceptical about these non-experts challenging the Brahmin expertise. In contemporary terms such criticism must have been like a layman denying that modern science works!

The Brahmins would have had many good arguments for not listening to the dangerous non-sense of the new critics: Could these ritual non-experts communicate with spirits and gods, could they see hidden connections, could they protect the harvest, could they secure the fertility of the lineage, could they keep demons away?  But then the proto-yogi would have stood up and claimed that, yes, he could indeed see hidden connections and master the demons. Yes, he was an expert on equal if not better terms than the Brahmins .

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